Global Terrorism Analysis Map

Designed by Redlabs


Esri data viz 2015 world wide 2nd place winner

I am the founder and product designer of Global Terrorism Analysis Map.We have won the 2nd for2015  Esri data viz app challenge worldwide.

globe heatmap


terrorismWe have created a new interactive map enables people to view information about terrorist attacks around the world as well as predicting a new incident.(Medium Post)

moscowglobalterrorismWe created an app with significant data and right technology to analyse terrorist events and attacks that occurred worldwide.
We are always motivated on creating the great user experience for the applications that work with big data.This aims us to help users to ask and answer complex questions without requiring them to master any way of query to visualise and learn from meaningful data.

We have visualised the data in two forms of analysis. Users can view and analyse regional changes from 1978-2013 time period using a dynamic heat-map with filters over a 121.000 raw data.

18796301039_581ff99d09_kWe have also visualised the data in a creative way for users to predict an incident and see who may have caused the event based on the data.

Understanding the past events , predicting who may have caused the event for new incidents and analysing effected areas are good fields of use where it will move on to an intelligence application.


The Global Terrorism Analysis Map enables people to view information about terrorist attacks around the world. A dynamic heat map shows events by year or type as well as regional changes from 1978 to 2013. For each incident, users can see nearby facilities, weapons, and people affected.



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